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Master of Arts (Southeast Asian Studies)

M.A. (Southeast Asian Studies)

The graduate program in Southeast Asian Studies at Naresuan University is an area-based interdisciplinary program, covering in multiscale of thought-system, philosophy, civilization, history, economics, politics, society, culture, ethnicities, language, environment, etc.
The Southeast Asian studies program aims to be a centre for Southeast Asian research producing skilled and in-depth researchers and new bodies of knowledge related to the ASEAN Community and the Southeast Asian region. The program aims to:

  • Develop the human resources in research on the ASEAN Community and the Southeast Asian region that engaged with the educational and developmental policies of the country
  • Develop the interdisciplinary knowledge and research on the ASEAN Community and the Southeast Asian region, on both national and international interests
  • Connect with the Southeast Asian studies network, both with national and international agencies

Our comparatively small incoming classes allow for close relationships with faculty, as well as individually tailored courses of study. Our graduate students also receive opportunities to teach, both as TAs and on their own at Naresuan University and other colleges and universities.

  • Creating new interdisciplinary research on Southeast Asian studies and the ASEAN Community
  • Strengthening the academic network in Southeast Asia and the academic exchange among Southeast Asianists across the academic world
  • Developing information resources and the collection for Southeast Asian researches at Naresuan University
  • Good Governance
  • Public Policy
  • Local Politics
  • Southeast Asia
  • The State of Southeast Asian Studies
  • Theories and Concepts in Pre-modern Southeast Asia
  • Theories and Concepts in Modern Southeast Asia
  • Cultural and Social History in Southeast Asia
  • Economic Geography in Southeast Asia
  • Contemporary Politics in Southeast Asia
  • Religious Movements in Southeast Asia
  • World Heritage and Museum in Southeast Asia
  • Creative Tourism in Southeast Asia
  • Popular Culture in Southeast Asia
  • Contemporary Literature in Southeast Asia
  • Special Topics in Southeast Asian Studies