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Doctor of Philosophy (Southeast Asian Studies)

Ph.D. (Southeast Asian Studies)

     The doctoral program in Southeast Asian Studies offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences is the first and only one of its kind in Thailand.

     Southeast Asia differs from other regions in the world because of it being the hub of the ASEAN Economic Cooperation (AEC), actualized fully in 2015.

     This program examines the emergence of the ASEAN Community and its recent patterns derived from the integration of historical, economic, social, and cultural evolution. The main purpose is to identify the roots of the current citizens–the gateway to the genuine understanding of the peoples of Southeast Asia. By adequately sorting out the factors that shape ASEAN idiosyncrasies, best accomplished via comparative research drawing on both qualitative and quantitative methodologies prevalent in our doctoral students’ endeavors.


     The program focuses on the interdisciplinary approach, targeting the Southeast Asian region as the “object of analysis.” The curriculum is aimed at graduate students from diverse disciplines who want to explore Southeast Asia in all dimensions as possible, as researchers. The area of study covers mentalities or thinking systems, philosophies, civilizations, histories, economics, politics, societies, cultures, ethnographies, religions, languages, and environs.

     Practice-led research overcomes divisions between social theory and action research, and between creative practice and evidence-based research. Students are, therefore, encouraged to examine a range of undertakings and enable them to carry out studies on their own at an advanced level with integrative understanding.

     Graduates will be endowed with expertise in the most up-to-date knowledge of Southeast Asia and ASEAN Studies, especially current issues in the development and possible solutions in the expansion of the body of knowledge in ASEAN, including systematic knowledge, as one distinctive advantage of this program.ADMISSION

     In accordance with the Graduate School Rules and Regulations. The program committee reserves the right to require more qualifications as deemed necessary.

In accordance with the Graduate School Rules and Regulations. The program committee reserves the rights to require more qualifications as deemed appropriate.

Thai and English


In accordance with the Graduate School Rules and Regulations

  • Area Studies and the Disciplines: A Theoretical Exploration
  • Key Contemporary Thinkers: From Structuralism to Postcolonialism
  • The State of Southeast Asian Studies
  • Theories and Concepts in Pre-modern Southeast Asia
  • Theories and Concepts in Modern Southeast Asia
  • Cultural and Social History in Southeast Asia
  • Economic Geography in Southeast Asia
  • Contemporary Politics in Southeast Asia
  • Religious Movements in Southeast Asia
  • World Heritage and Museum in Southeast Asia
  • Creative Tourism in Southeast Asia
  • Popular Culture in Southeast Asia
  • Contemporary Literature in Southeast Asia
  • Historiography and Subjectivity in Southeast Asia
  • Cultural Commodification and Creative Economy in Southeast Asia
  • Bodies and Border in Southeast Asia
  • Human Ecology and Landscape in Southeast Asia
  • Disease and Medicine in Southeast Asia
  • Sexuality and Gender in Southeast Asia
  • Buddhism in Contemporary Southeast Asia
  • Special Topic in Southeast Asian Studies
  • Identity and Roots of Ethnic Groups and Cultures
  • Multidisciplinary Approach in the Evolution Histories
  • Idiosyncrasies of economics and social systems unique in Southeast Asia.
  • Systematic KM of ASEAN