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Master of Arts (Social Development)

M.A. (Social Development)

     This program aims to develop analytical and theoretical skills by providing various social research methodologies to postgraduate students and lecturers, bringing to the classroom enthusiasm of their disciplines and their considerable research expertise. This combination ensures that the latest ideas and insights of the disciplines are immediately available to our students, providing a refreshingly creative academic environment for interactive learning. In order to encourage learning from local experiences and promote civic participation in managerial social resources and capitals, we encourage our students to search for new methodologies and strive for the promotion of sustainable development based on the security of local livelihoods through the participation of the community. Research topics focus on, among other things, local knowledge, sustainable development, health, and gender.


Learners in this program are expected to possess:

  • Skills to promote participation in all sectors while being generous in listening to opinions from all levels and coordinating policymakers into action for social development
  • Ability to apply knowledge from research in solving spatial problems by designing strategic planning for social development administration to have a concrete solution consistent with the context of Thai society and culture
  • Effective managerial and organizational skills in keeping up with the changing situations of the world society aided by technology while promoting social responsibility
  • Expertise in resource management while ensuring equitable social development despite limited conditions
  • Social Development
  • Project Management
  • Social Policy Implementation
  • Area-based Issues
  • Strategic Designing and Planning
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sociological and Anthropological Theories
  • Social Development Theory
  • Strategic Designing and Planning
  • Social Development Administration
  • Social System Analysis
  • Public Consciousness,Contemporary Issues and Development Trends
  • Theory and Evaluation on Impact from Development
  • Sociology and Anthropology of Development
  • Capacity Building for Group, Organization and Community
  • Development Tools and Techniques
  • Public Policy on Development
  • Development Policy toward Social and Cultural Change
  • Population, Society and Development
  • Substantive Social Development