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Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology


          Our department was established in the name of the Social Development Program since 2000 and has grown to become one of the leading Department of Sociology and Anthropology in northern Thailand. We are known nationally for our strong postgraduate program in Social Development. Our department has an outstanding research focus and extensive international link. We are also producing undergraduate students with the analytical and critical thinking skills demanded by employers. Over the last few years, our academic staffs have won a variety of prestigious teaching and research awards, along with millions of dollars in research grants from national and international funding agencies. Funding has allowed our staffs and postgraduate students to pursue their research interests in locations as diverse as France, Vietnam, India, Laos, and Japan. Much important social research is carried out within Thailand and her neighbors in both urban and rural settings. Staffs are engaged in both purely academic and rigorously applied studies that have practical outcomes for clients including community organizations, government and industry groups.

          The contemporary emergence of ASEAN Community and North-South Economic Corridor leads to our strategic planning in providing a refreshingly creative academic environment for partnership and cooperative network. In response to the need for integration of social science and ASEAN/ASIAN knowledge, the department strives to become a regional center for applied sociological and anthropological studies, linking graduate teaching and research to development policy and practice. Moreover, our Department has close working link to the especially in the areas of applied sociology and anthropology such as community organization, medical social sciences, social research, social studies, community Business, environmental impact assessment, ethnic and gender relations, ethnicity, tourism and development.

  • Training courses: Processes and Technique for Social Development, Developing Social and Cultural Capitals, etc.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Social Development)
              This program aims to develop students to be a skilled development practicetioners. Our postgraduate students are found in a wide range of occupations, in social management and administration, human resource management, social service, social research, and marketing, among others.
  • Master of Arts (Social Development)
              This program aims to develop analytical and theoretical skills. Various social research methodologies have been provided to postgraduate students. The lecturing staffs bring to the classroom enthusiasm for their disciplines, together with their considerable research expertise. This combination ensures that the latest ideas and insights of the disciplines are immediately available to our students, providing a refreshingly creative academic environment for interactive learning. Multiple methods have been introduced to classrooms in order to encourage learning from local experiences. In order to promote local participation in managerial social resources and capitals, we encourage our students to search for new methodologies and to strive for the promotion of sustainable development based on security of local livelihoods through the participation of local people. Research topics focus on, among other things, local knowledge, sustainable development, health and gender.
  • Ph.D. in Social Development
              This program encourages the construction of the new body of knowledge as well as the search for and methodologies based on the dynamic interchange of diverse theories, paradigms and philosophies. To the construction of knowledge, the program strengthens the ability of students in terms of systematic thinking and creative ideology concerning alternative development strategies such as sustainability, social equality and security.
curriculum highlights
  • Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurship
              The background of social enterprises and social entrepreneurship and concepts of social economy in the contexts of globalization of economy, society, culture and environment, concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR), social enterprises, social entrepreneurship, managing social enterprises, building social entrepreneurship, and organizational development. Focus on the impact of changing social relations, relationships among enterprises, society and environment. Developing human resources in the process of entrepreneurship, analyzing effective and ineffective cases of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship.
  • Community of Learning Practice
              Studying new concepts of community, borderless, elements and development process of community of learning practice; definition, preparation, movement, and empowerment.