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Doctor of Philosophy (Social Development)

Ph.D. (Social Development)

     This program encourages the construction of new bodies of knowledge as well as the search for methodologies based on the dynamic interchange of diverse theories, paradigms, and philosophies. On knowledge production, the program strengthens students’ abilities in terms of systematic thinking and creative ideology concerning alternative development strategies such as sustainability, social equality, and security.


Participants of this program are expected to have the:

  • Ability to think and analyze social systems, policies, and social impacts,
  • High level of research capabilities to set strategies for social development,
  • Creativity to apply knowledge for social innovation,
  • Practical expertise to drive a society progressively with quality, and
  • Skills to strengthen the networks of social development leaders, both local and international.

In accordance with the Graduate School Rules and Regulations. The program committee reserves the right to require more qualifications as deemed necessary.


Thai and English


In accordance with the Graduate School Rules and Regulations

  • Philosophy in Social Sciences
  • Contempory Concept and Theory in  Social Development
  • Policy, Planning and Strategy in Social Development
  • Current Issues and Trends in Social Development
  • Comparative Study of Social Development in Diverse Contexts
  • Regional Studies in Social Development
  • Capacity Building for Social Development
  • Cultural Diversity and Living in a Pluralist Society
  • Advanced Qualitative Research for Social Development
  • Selected Topic for Developing a Concept Paper
  • Systematic Policy Research
  • Phronetic Social Research
  • Sociology and Anthropology in Rural and Urban Studies 
  • Advanced Statistics for Social Sciences Research