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Doctor of Philosophy (Political Science)

Ph.D. (Political Science)

          One of our department objectives is to maintain high academic standards requiring Faculty members to systematically provide and develop teaching materials for students in each course. In this program, students are strongly encouraged to participate in class. For passing each course, criteria include essay exams and written assignments based on independent researches using the analytical framework. Interns are required to meet academic requirements in preparation to join public or private organizations. Criteria for passing the internship program are excellent marks and performance from both intern supervisors of the department and supervisors at a public or private organization.

          The department also continues to inspire students to think critically, be active, and ready to respond to the rapid changes in the economy, politics, and society. Graduates from our department are not only well-qualified individuals but also democratic citizens, maintaining a free and fair society.


Participants of this program are expected to have the:

  • Profound research potential in political science, advancing new proposals for political science,
  • Expertise in the latest developments of knowledge in the field of political science, especially on researches for the development and solution of significant problems of Thai political society,
  • Ability to produce and develop a piece of new knowledge or content in political science to progress further at the international level, including systematic knowledge management in political science, and
  • Awareness of academic ethics and morality as a political science scholar with good governance and responsibility to Thai society and politics.

In accordance with the Graduate School Rules and Regulations. The program committee reserves the right to require more qualifications as deemed necessary.

Thai and English

In accordance with the Graduate School Rules and Regulations

  • Philosophy of Social Science and Political Analysis
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • Advanced Political Theory
  • Advanced Political Economy
  • Advanced Comparative Politics
  • Advanced International Politics
  • Advanced Security Studies
  • Advanced Politics and Development
  • Advanced Crisis and Disaster Management
  • Advanced Public Finance
  • Advanced Conflict and Peace Studies

     Besides giving lectures, members of our department are regularly conducting researches in various areas according to their interests with grant sources provided by Naresuan University Research Fund, government budget, and financial support from government organizations and the private sector. Moreover, the department also interacts with domestic and international educational institutions for research collaborations and are generally used to support class lectures. Often, these researches are also used by policymakers and officials in public and private organizations to formulate policies and measures addressing their problems. Furthermore, each year, faculty members’ research papers are presented at both national and international conferences, usually published in journals and books.