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Master of Political Science


          The department offers two programs: (1) for students pursuing academic excellence, and (2) for government officials and public or private sector employees who are exploring administration theories and techniques relevant for their professional development and career paths. Graduates from our department, for nearly over ten years, have been employed in various organizations in both the public and private sectors.


Learners in this program are expected to possess:

  • Ability to implement the concepts and theories of political science in politics, governance, public administration, and international relations
  • In-depth knowledge to explain and analyze the relevance of politics at national and international levels – economically and socially
  • Academic research skills in the field of political science
  • Moral awareness, academic ethics, good governance and social responsibility in Thai politics
  • Social and Cultural Histories
  • Tourism and Cultural Management
  • Pop Cultures in Southeast Asia
  • Contemporary Politics in Southeast Asia
  • The State of Southeast Asian Studies
  • Theories and Concepts in Pre-modern Southeast Asia
  • Theories and Concepts in Modern Southeast Asia
  • Cultural and Social History in Southeast Asia
  • Economic Geography in Southeast Asia
  • Contemporary Politics in Southeast Asia
  • Religious Movements in Southeast Asia
  • World Heritage and Museum in Southeast Asia
  • Creative Tourism in Southeast Asia
  • Popular Culture in Southeast Asia
  • Contemporary Literature in Southeast Asia
  • Special Topics in Southeast Asian Studies