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Dean Talk No. 13: Leader and Leadership

For the last several months, I have been to several places and have met many people. Some of them are prominent leaders in higher education institutions, some successful businessmen, political leaders and former political activists. I have tried my best, at any chances, to scrutinize them and learn from them on what lies behind their success and failure. Most of these leaders brought me tons of inspirations when we were discussing, however, some of them made me depressed. As Naresuan University is now looking for their new leader, therefore, I will deal with the theme of ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’ in this Dean’s Talk.

Leadership, the term we use quite often, is an influence which people employs in order to bring change towards their own groups or organizations. Influence, in this sense, is not an enforcement of coercive power over the others. However, it is a reciprocal consent between the leader and the led on the basis of rational consensus. Leadership, therefore, is a mutual cooperation between the leader and the follower in order for the organization to achieve sustainable development. Leadership is not a politics of maintaining ‘status quo’ for only the leader’s benefit.

Leadership, thus, contains with, on one hand, ‘the leader’ who can build trust, justice, and be able to inspire the others. On the other hand, ‘the followers’ who are influenced and willing to participate and bring their organization to reach their aims.

I have noticed that the ‘good leader’ has emotional maturity, politeness, modesty, and strong work ethic. In addition, the leader has a clear rationality and power motive to bring success to their organizations. However, the most important aspect for all good leaders is that they all are ‘happy’ with their own lives and works.


Associate Professor Dr. Patcharin Sirasoonthorn

Dean, the Faculty of Social Sciences,

Naresuan University



Translated from the Thai version by Dr. Watcharabon Buddharaksa

Thai edition