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          FSS will become a Vital Social Engine, making a Social Impact and achieving a Sustainable Glocal Society.


          The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) at Naresuan University (NU), functioning as both an educational and research institution, is dedicated to a mission that encompasses the production of graduates, conducting research, disseminating knowledge, providing academic services, and contributing to cultural and artistic development. By emphasizing fundamental disciplines and fostering interdisciplinary integration through disciplinary and multidisciplinary studies, the faculty aims to expand knowledge, innovation, analytical tools, and policy alternatives. This initiative is especially designed to develop the potential of Naresuan University to address challenges and seize opportunities in the digital age while serving as a fulcrum of societal support. The missions are as follows:

  1. Graduation proficiency
  2. Research excellence
  3. Academic service provision
  4. Promotion of multiculturalism
  5. Organizational management
Core Values
  1. Social Responsibility
  2. Outcome-based Achievements
  3. Integrity / Professionalism
  4. Inclusive-service Mindedness
  5. Harmonious Collaboration / Teamwork
Strategic Framework
  • Education Plus: The FSS must consist of entrepreneurs, developers, supporters, and consultants who can cultivate a sense of responsibility towards society in all sectors. This is to ensure an excellent quality of life within a sustainable development framework.
  • Education with Care: The FSS will continuously foster lifelong relationships to create opportunities, connections, and achievable aspirations for all students. It will serve as a bridge to knowledge that can truly respond to the community.
  • Education Quality: Students and stakeholders can be confident that the educational services provided by the FSS meet high quality standards.
  • Institutional Transformation: The FSS will efficiently provide services, strive for effectiveness, and conduct business sustainably.