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Dean Talk No. 15

Dear Faculty of Social Science’s Academic and Administrative Staffs,

I am Associate Professor Dr. Patcharin Sirasoonthorn, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Naresuan University. I have been involved in the second process of Naresuan University’s President recruitment in two capacities; firstly, as one of the five recruitment committees and secondly, as a member of Naresuan University’s council.

I attended the recruitment committee meeting no. 4/2016 on Wednesday 28 December 2016 to recruit the potential candidates to be Naresuan University’s President. The meeting on that day was conducted perfectly as outlined in the recruitment committee’s public declaration on ‘names of the three candidates who have potential to be Naresuan University’s President’ signed on 28 December 2016.

Regardless of what you may have learned from the public media. I would like to inform you, the Naresuan University community, that I have never been informed of or have been in part of with any suspicious voting while I was in the recruitment committee meeting on 28 December 2016.

As a Faculty’s administrator and a member of the President recruitment process, I strongly insist to ensure that our Naresuan University be a prestigious education institution. It is a place producing wisdom in our society and this is a source of pride for all of us living and working at this institution.

I will continue strictly to complete my duties based on good governance principles and I assure you that I will not commit or comply with anything against Naresuan University’s Act and Commands. I will respect opinions from Naresuan University’s community and will keep our university’s sake as a first priority.

Please be informed accordingly,

Associate Professor Dr. Patcharin Sirasoonthorn, Dean, the Faculty of Social Sciences


Translated from Thai by Assistant Professor Dr. Watcharabon Buddharaksa