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MOU: Naresuan University and JAIKRATING Foundation

December 7, 2020 – The Faculty of Social Sciences, Naresuan University, in collaboration with JAIKRATING FOUNDATION, organized an academic cooperation ceremony to create the participation of various sectors in managing, developing, and supporting educational institutions. This project aims to improve the quality, creative, and innovative educational institutions’ management to enhance academic achievement and prepare students for the future. As a life-long learning center for everyone in the community, educational institutions shall serve as the center for quality of life and skill development, which leads to the reduction of educational disparities. This effort collaborates with the business sector to produce and develop educational quality research and academic services, including building capacity in teaching, research, human resource development, and co-operative education.

Naresuan University envisions to produce ethical and moral graduates with academic excellence who are good role models for a healthy and peaceful society. The university also plays roles in conserving the environment and natural resources, arts and culture, including unique Thai traditions and national heritage. NU is strongly determined to distribute educational opportunities and equality to the region’s population, especially in the lower northern region of 9 provinces.

JAIKRATING FOUNDATION commits to creating sustainability for Thai society with a heart as strong as a bull and determination to raise the Thai society’s quality of life. It is focused on strengthening sustainability in 3 specific areas:

1. Education. Provide quality education opportunities for children and youth in Thailand to keep up with the global competition and develop them into quality human resources.

2. Environment. Recognize the importance of conserving natural resources by protecting, preserving, and developing the national environment with sustainability.

3. Public health. Promote Thai people’s awareness and access to good health and quality of life by supporting various public health programs.

Naresuan University President, Professor Dr. Kanchana Ngourungsi, honored this event with NU Vice President, Dr. Jirawat Phirasant. Assistant Professor Dr. Napisa Waitoolkiat, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, co-signed this agreement with Mr. Sarawut Yuwittaya, Chairman Jai Krating Foundation, and Ms. Natha Bunprasit, member and Secretary of the Jai Krating Foundation at Suphankalaya Meeting Room 3, Office of the President Naresuan University