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Strengthening the Milk Tea Alliance: Building Democracy and Freedom through Film and Discussion

Faculty of Social Sciences Naresuan University Phitsanulok Province Organize a project to discuss the topic “Strengthening the Milk Tea Alliance: Building Democracy and Freedom through Film and Discussion” to be an academic forum to exchange ideas on urban issues related to the Milk Tea Alliance. which is the name of the Hong Kong pro-democracy activist group At that moment, his country’s demand was already very weak. with democratic politicians from Taiwan who want to be an independent country and call themselves the Republic of Taiwan As can be seen at this point, the two jumped in and said we were one. Before calling Chinese netizens and Thai netizens that The ‘Milk Tea Alliance’ argues that we all want democracy and love tea. This term is therefore used to refer to different groups. who came out to call for democracy in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and later including neighboring countries like Myanmar

The seminar was honored by Mr.James Gomez from Asia Center to give a lecture on the topic “The Current Democracy/Human Rights/Human Insecurity Problems in Thailand, Myanmar and other part of Asia” which described the situation. Democracy politics and human insecurity in Thailand, Myanmar and other countries In Asia, Asia Center is a non-profit organization. Strive to improve the lives of people in the region through innovation and cooperation. It also serves as a storehouse of ideas. and is an organization that supports social activities and Mr. Pongpop Saman Chanchai Toll Plaza Alumni of the Faculty of Social Sciences Naresuan University student leader Naresuan University and new youth groups in Phitsanulok Province Join the role and participation of the new student group The generation that joined the call for democracy in Naresuan University and within Phitsanulok province and Mr. Sai Tong Kham, Department of Asia and Education Policy The University of Education of Hong Kong (EdUHK) presents and transforms student roles. students and youth groups in Taiwan and Hong Kong in coming out in a movement calling for democracy like in Thailand

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) was signed between the Asia Center and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Naresuan University on joint activities in the future, such as organizing meetings, seminars, researching, preparing courses, etc.

By this event, there are people interested in both Thais and foreigners. More than 30 people participated in the project, taking into account Social Distancing, including organizing online activities through the Zoom program for those who are unable to travel to join the project. which will be held on Friday, November 26, 2021 from 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Chainat Room, Topland Plaza Hotel Phitsanulok.

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