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Dean’s talk No. 2 : Making social safety net for our students

Making social safety net for our students

The world is dramatically changing and we are all struggling to deal with social problems in the society that affect us. Today, universities, along with every other institution in the society, are trying to find effective ways to help address all kinds of urgent and important social issues. One way to deal with these issues is to provide information to students about the dangers of using drugs, teenage pregnancies, becoming infected by sexual transmitted disease, being enticed into human trafficking, gambling, being emotionally or sexually abused, and being involved in all kinds of criminal activities.

Recognizing the importance for students to confront these dangers and deal with these issues successfully, we at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Naresuan University, are taking an active approach to engage students in a two-way communication.  In this way, we are involved with students in many ways, talking with them, spending time with them, and challenging them to adopt more thoughtful and proactive approaches to deal with these issues. Every student has been assigned at least one adviser when they take their first step into their academic “home”. Here, all students have the opportunity to talk with an experienced professional about all sorts of issues, academic and personal, that will help them adapt more easily to university. We encourage all students to take advantage of these opportunities so they can have a happier and more productive experience in our Faculty and at the university. We value all of our students.

I want students to take note that the Counselling Unit is located on the 1st floor of the Faculty. Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences can register, download a consultation form from our web-site or at the counseling unit and make an appointment with our professional counselors based on a time that is mutually convenient for both counsellor and student. Each student can also talk with his/her academic advisors, administrative team or faculty staff. The issues that you might want or need consultation for include the following:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Being homesick
  • Risky behaviors such as taking drugs, gambling, pregnancy and others.
  • Mental health and personality issues
  • Searching for extra-income during studying
  • Finding a job
  • Violence and/or abuse at home, at the university or outside of it
  • Adaptation to social situations
  • Adapting to diverse cultures
  • Other issues that you want to discuss

In addition, although the Faculty of Social Sciences is small, our students have been recognized in special ways this year. In 2014, compared with all Faculties in Naresuan University, our alumni received the highest score in employers’ satisfaction. Employers scored our graduates from all four Departments as the most outstanding employees of Naresuan University in three areas. These include 1) ethical skills, 2) wisdom and 3) team work and responsibility. This evaluation gives us in the Faculty a lot of satisfaction. It shows we are on the right path with our students in achieving the best outcomes for our students for life and for work.

Thanks to all staff in the Faculty for helping to bring about such brilliant outcomes. I am sure that in the coming year we will continue on the path to make even more progress with our students. All together, we can.


Best wishes, Patcharin Sirasoonthorn
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Naresuan University


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