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Dean’s talk No. 3 : Making Faculty of Social Sciences “A Home of Social Innovation

Social innovation may be defined as the process as well as the outputs and outcomes that emerge from applying creative ideas designed to create positive social change and a better quality of life for all the people.

It includes the use of various social technologies, strategies and techniques, cultural capital and online platforms. All novel and useful solutions that address a social need or problem that could work better than existing approaches are seen as relevant. The intention is to find more effective, efficient, or sustainable approaches that will detiver value or benefit for the society as a whole rather than private individuals.

Social innovation includes:

  1. Using creative ideas for positive change.
  2. Exchanging ideas and collaborating with public, private and nonprofit sectors. For example, cooperating in projects that promote socially responsible investment, networking, shared social activities, using volunteers.
  3. Examining the changing roles, relationships and responsibilities within and among business, government and nonprofits sectors.
  4. Examining and testing the viability of market-based principles and mechanisms within programs and projects that use public and philanthropic support. For example, for affordable home ownerships; developing and managing community funding

How can we build social innovation thinking within the Faculty of Social Sciences?

  1. By developing conceptions of social innovation that are clear, precise and can be understood by members of the Faculty.
  2. By evaluating the processes through which social innovations emerge, can be diffused, and succeed (or fail).
  3. By creating an environment in which all members of the Faculty are able to participate effectively in social innovation.
  4. By promoting a strong sense of belonging among all members of the Faculty.
  5. By demonstrating that we are developing a clear strategy and communicating a clear message to all Faculty members.

Examples of Faculty’s innovations

  1. “Get Social in 2 Minutes” (Using YouTube to provide ‘snapshots’ of our academic services and knowledge resources).
  2. Student projects for social development.
  3. Social Sciences Journal Club.
  4. Creative Stairs (An open process that allows any Faculty member to provide quotations that stimulate creative thinking and put them on the Stairs)
  5. Faculty of Social Sciences Club.
  6. Handouts for graduate students.
  7. Handouts on quality assurance.
  8. Students Counselling Unit.
  9. Faculty Calendar 2015.
  10. Faculty’s shirt with motto: “I cannot do this without you”

Best wishes, Patcharin Sirasoonthorn
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Naresuan University


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