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The International Conference, "The Ways to Have a Better Dialogue for Empathy, Mutual Learning, and Exchanges," in collaboration with the
The Faculty of Social Sciences of Naresuan University had the new year celebration tradition with the theme, the city of
DR. H. SYARIFUDDIN, M.Pd, Chairman of Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu University Ekonomi Muhammadiyah (STIEM), Tanjung Redeb, Indonesia and Vice Regent of

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Our Departments

The Faculty of Social Sciences comprises of 6 departments and 1 office

" The faculty of Social Sciences, Naresuan University works really hard to develop potential graduates and to strengthen academic research in order to reach our goals to be an excellent centre of social studies."

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology was originally from the division of psychology under the supervision of the department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Naresuan University. It was approved by the university to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the beginning on February 15, 2000.

Department of History

Department of History, Faculty of Social Sciences, Naresuan University is one of the most-long standing history department in Thailand with its history that could get back to 1969. Today, Department of history offers BA program in History and MA and PhD Program in Southeast Asian Studies

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Our department was established in the name of the Social Development Program since 2000 and has grown to become one of the leading Department of Sociology and Anthropology in northern Thailand. We are known nationally for our strong postgraduate program in Social Development.

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Department of Political Science & Public Administration is one among the four departments of Faculty of Social Sciences, Naresuan University. It has been recognized as the main and famous educational institution on political science and public administration in the lower northern part of Thailand.

Center of ASEAN Community Studies

CACS has the long-term goal of building change agents for the ASEAN community. Join us to get hands-on experience conducting interdisciplinary research that engages and influences policy.

Our professors come from a variety of backgrounds—politics, social policy, national security and military, health, cultural studies, economics and business—from established research and academic institutions worldwide.

Center of Excellence of ASEAN Community Studies

COE has Responsible for academic development, academic services, research and expertise as a local project consultant. ASEAN and international community. The collection of information on academic knowledge, training, academic conferences and seminars, including the implementation of their own projects in accordance with the policies of the administrators and the faculty.

Office of the Faculty Secretariat

Office of the Faculty Secretariat is responsible for coordination with department both within and outside the Faculty, in matters relating to general administrator, finace, materials, academic services, student registration, extension service, curriculum development and student activities.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Naresuan University
99 Moo 9 Ta Pho , Muang District,
Phitsanulok 65000 Thailand

+66 55 96 1999
+66 55 96 1900

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